Interior Lights - Mazda

Mazda Interior Lights

37.80 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

The interior lights give a touch of luxury to the car, especially if it matches the car’s decor perfectly, as you will feel as if it came from the factory in this way

Features :

  • Direct installation on agency sockets
  • Perfectly matched to the car's décor
  • One year warranty
  • Chinese industry

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  • 37.80 USD
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نايف الغامدي 1 year ago
ماهو لون الليد ازرق او زي حق الوكالة ابيض
drive x | DRIVEX 1 year ago
ليد المقبض ابيض ثلجي .. اما بالنسبة لمسكة وجيب الباب تقدر تختار ازرق او ابيض

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