Jeep / Dodge / Chrysler Remote Starter

Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler Remote Starter

229.51 USD 215.99 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

5 years warranty

Jeep / Dodge / Chrysler car remote start

Now with the remote operating system, there is no need to wait for the car to warm up for long periods of time, and you will not need to endure the high heat of the car in the summer. Via the remote start system, your car will be ready to go right away!

Device Features:

  • Installation on the agency sockets directly
  • Operation by pressing the lock button 3 times
  • Anti-theft security systems
  • The possibility of setting the operating time from 3-7-15 minutes, after which the engine is stopped
  • Canadian industry
  • 5 years warranty

note :

** Fixed installation locations in all cities **

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  • 229.51 USD 215.99 USD
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