Return and exchange policy

Our valued customers, we inform you that we aim to provide the best local and international shipping options in terms of prices and speed of delivery, and we strive to facilitate the replacement and return process if the necessary conditions are met.

Order processing mechanism

When you submit your application, it goes through two main stages:

  • processing stage:

Upon receipt of the order, we check the content of the order first and then start processing depending on the options that were selected by the customer. Upon completion of the processing, the stage of packaging and processing the order begins to be delivered to the shipping company, note that this stage takes 12-24 working hours from the time of sending the order

  • Shipping and delivery stage:

After completing the processing stage, the shipment is delivered to the carrier, knowing that the delivery time takes 1-3 working days for local shipments. As for international shipping, the delivery time varies depending on the country of arrival.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The process of replacement or return is carried out in the event of damage or a manufacturing defect that is not caused by misuse or installation. It is replaced with a product similar in type, and if the same product is not available, it will be replaced with another product of the same value.
  • In the event that a return is requested for electronic products or products that are prepared on demand and it is not clear that there is any defect or damage to them, 30% of the product value will be deducted
  • The warranty is canceled if one or all of the following cases are present: opening the product or tampering with its internal components, removing or obliterating labels containing product information, defect resulting from modifying or changing the internal settings of the product, misuse, installation or storage,
  • The return period is 7 days from the date of delivery of the order, with the obligation that the product be in the same condition and in the same envelopes upon receipt.
  • Shipping fees and electronic payment fees are deducted from the invoice value when requesting a return, and the requesting owner bears the value of the freight going and back when requesting a replacement.
  • In the event of a replacement or return, and when the shipment arrives at our warehouse, we will check the product and ensure that it complies with the conditions and take the appropriate action according to the result of the inspection.
  • If the return is approved, the amount will be transferred within 3-10 working days from the date of approval of the request

We wish you a wonderful shopping experience!

Drive X Team