Smart Entry System

Keyless Entry

248.09 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

Smart Entry System

Convert your car from a normal operating system with the key to a smart operating system via the fingerprint and enjoy other additional features

Features :

  • remote start system
  • The system of opening doors when approaching the car and closing them when moving away from it
  • Direct installation on the car sockets without the need for any modifications to the car system
  • The possibility of locking the car while it is in the running position
  • Alert when you leave or forget the doors open
  • Anti-theft security system
  • 1 year warranty

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  • 248.09 USD
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نواف الحربي 1 year ago
متا تتوفر للسوناتا 2018؟
عبدالمحسن الجاسر 1 year ago
هل يوجد تركيب بالقصيم ؟
احمد المرزوقي 1 year ago
هل يحتاج جهاز تشغيل عن بعد او هو معه
drive x | DRIVEX 1 year ago
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