Two-way long-range RF Kit - 2000 meters


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Part of the EVO 9 series, the RKF942 bi-directional kit is based on the LoRa® SST FM 900MHz communications platform. The RM942 remote control operates at a long distance of up to 6000 feet (2000 metres). This system is equipped with the latest anti-decoding technology that secures the connection between the user and the vehicle, as well as Eco-Connect technology, which has been developed to maximize battery life. This RF942 range offers the perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency.


  • Bi-Directional (sending and receiving)
  • Sound and light alert to confirm the arrival of the start command to the vehicle
  • Four control buttons (lock, unlock, turn on, off)
  • Distance up to 2000 meters maximum.
  • 2 remote control units
  • Easy and direct installation on the remote device

Important notes:

This product is only compatible with remote start devices and cannot be added to the car directly without an external remote starter

There are several factors that may affect the range/distance of the remote control, including: some types of thermal shading for cars and buildings, communications and electricity towers, buildings and insulators, the location of the remote signal pickup installed inside the car, as it may impede the proper arrival of the signal.

Installation fee:

100 riyals if the remote start was previously installed

Free installation of additional remotes if requested with the remote start device

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  • 153.90 USD
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